The Economic Conclave

The Economic Conclave

The Economic Collective Club, School of Management, The NorthCap University, organized The Economic Conclave on “Economics: An Evergreen Discipline of Study”, Cream Bell being the Industry Partner, on 20th Novermber, 2019, 11:00 AM onwards at The NorthCap University. The event started up with a brief introduction about the event. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. H.B. Raghavendra gave a speech, explained the importance of Economics in day to day life. Then investiture ceremony took place where students of the club were also given badges for their various office posts of the club. Prof. Hemant C. Trivedi, Officiating Dean, School of Management, started the session where two experts came and shared their various ideologies.

Students from DAV and Indira Gandhi Senior Secondary School came and participated in the event.

The experts being:

  • Ms. Sonia Pant, IES officer, an alumni of Kirorimal College and Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. She explained the concept in a very striking way and shared the variety of career opportunities in the field of Economics. She mentioned that Economics is mathematical, involves sophisticated models, makes use of enormous data sets and is invoked in the formulation of social and economic policies in such a way that the science of mechanics is invoked in the building of bridges. She also laid emphasis on Behavioral Economics, Quantitative Techniques, Mathematical Economics and their current utility.

  • Mr Pankaj Kumar, National Technical Expert, UNIDO, an alumnus of IIT Delhi. He gave a new career dimension of Economics to the students in the form of Energy Economics, which is the need of the hour. He elaborated a beautiful bond between Science and Economics starting with E = MC2, and how the Global Economy is running after this new amalgamation of Energy and Economics.

The objective of the conclave was to provide a platform for multidisciplinary inputs to debate and discuss the current challenges, trends, sustainability, strategy and use of technology in economics.

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