Secret Recipe to be Skillful’ by Vibha Sood, Texas

Secret Recipe to be Skillful’ by Vibha Sood, Texas

Keeping the current crisis in mind, the CSI Student Chapter of The NorthCap University, Gurugram had organized an online webinar session on the topic, Secret Recipe to be Skillful, on 10th May 2020, dealing with how you can stay healthy, calm and productive in such times. The speaker, Ms. Vibha Sood, is a successful IT Professional who has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. She is leading the User Experience Research at GM Financials in Dallas. She is also a Director of SattvikLife, which is a Health and Wellness Firm. She broadcasted the webinar from Texas, USA where she currently resides. The webinar was broadcasted on YouTube Live (at 6:30 PM IST) and attracted a crowd of 350+ students from our college and various others across the world. 400+ participants registered for the event. The speaker taught a few breathing techniques, followed by a meditation session to overcome the stressful environment.

Faculty coordinators: Dr. Shaveta Arora and Dr Anuradha.

Student coordinators: Nishtha (Anchor), Kartik Yadav (Backend), Kartik Rao (Backend), Deepanshu (Graphics), Muskan (Graphics), Purvansh (Content), Parth (Publicity), Elisha (Publicity), Manit (Publicity), Hritik (Registration), Yashasvi (Publicity), Diksha (Registration) and Raksha (Publicity).

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