Dental Camp

Dental Camp

A Dental camp was organized at Tigra village located in sector 57, Gurugram on March 12, 2020 by team EWB. In most of the remote and village areas, people stick to the traditional style i.e. using datun (a little stem) for cleaning teeth instead of using toothbrushes. It was found that people who were using datun had more issues in their teeth as compare to those who are using toothbrushes. Dental camp was free for everyone. Many people turned up for checkup. Dr. Ruchi Sharma held the dental camp to create awareness about teeth and the use of modern style and toothbrushes instead of traditional style

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Monika and Manvi Breja

Student Coordinators: Abhishek Singh(President), Aman Sharma, Bharat Baweja, Abhishek Singh(Treasurer)

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