An Executive Development Programme

An Executive Development Programme

A 3 days Executive Development programme on ‘Smart and Sustainable Building Materials’ was organized by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering dated 31 May, 4 and 7 June 2019. The EDP observed the participation of twelve participants from Raj Darbar Realty Pvt Ltd from their different field offices located at Hisar, Agra and NCR region. The event commenced with a brief introductory remark by Prof. Prem Vrat, Pro Chancellor & Professor of Eminence, NCU and Prof. HB Raghavendra, Professor, CEE and Vice Chancellor, NCU on the prime importance of the smart and sustainable practices in the avenue of Civil Engineering and the need to conduct EDPs.

The event proceeded with sessions by subject matter experts and faculty of the department Dr Archanaa Dongre, Dr Vaishali Sahu, Mr Lokesh Choudhary, Mr Shubham Bansal, Mr Diptendu Roy, and Industry Expert Mr Sahil Sachdeva, Partner (Levell Upp Consultancy & Construction). The topics of the sessions ranged from Construction Problems on Field  & their technical solutions, mix design of special concretes, Innovative, Smart, Sustainable Building Materials & Practices, Field exercises on Levelling using Total Station, Hands on Training on test of essential building materials as per IS codal provisions, Construction Practices with Prefabricated structures, Labour handling and managing issues at site, to even Honing Design Thinking, Creativity and Creating and Managing Work Life Balance through Meditation respectively.

The sessions helped participants in grasping different skill sets and concepts in the field of Civil Engineering. It was coordinated and organized by Mr Lokesh Choudhary, Assistant Professor, CEE & Dr Vaishali Sahu, Assistant Professor, CEE.

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