Agile BootCamp@Gurugram

Agile BootCamp@Gurugram

Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a meet-up on Agile Principles, entitled as “Agile BootCamp@Gurugram” on September 21, 2019 with the collaboration of Agile Network India. Agile Network India (ANI) is a Thought Leadership community and contributes to domains like Organization Improvement, Skill Development, and Innovation. The event was attended by 23 participants including various industry experts.

The agenda of this event was to:
1. Create a world-class community platform.
2. Facilitate networking to connect the experts, practitioners, and students to foster learning for community members.
3. Accelerate the knowledge exchange and sharing to the community.

Meet-up Sessions included Agile Fundamentals, its values, principles and many more through various activities and interactive lectures. Speakers’ details are as follows:

1. Vivek Swarnkar (Agile NCR Corporation)
2. Ushant Rana (Accenture)
3. Shobit Gupta (Guavus)
4. Rajesh Malhotra (Managing Director, Green wood Developers) CSEO2019047

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