Enhancing Employability Through MBA Education

Enhancing Employability Through MBA Education: Insights from Delhi NCR Colleges

22nd Mar, 2024

In Delhi NCR several colleges that cater specifically to the award of an MBA degree, have different missions and objectives, but most if not all have a singular aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry. To do that most of the colleges aim to focus on practical skills which are not addressed, due to lack of time and the requisite skilled personnel and the infrastructure. Therefore the need of the hour is to not only focus on the conventional teaching methodologies but also on the practical skills, which help them to enhance their skills and land up in a lucrative job in the corporate world.  

1. Integrating Curriculum with Industry needs.

One key aspect of this MBA program is the formulation of a dynamic curriculum tailored to meet industry needs. To do that the industry must participate with Higher Educational Institutions as equal partners, in their Academic Council meetings as well as taking guest lectures and highlighting the practical aspects vis a vis the theory part. While theory is good for understanding the concept, the practical content ensures the enhancement of higher skills and knowledge that are required by MBA students in their careers, thus making them more employable and extremely competitive in the job market. At the outset, this amalgamation of Industry experts at the time of formulation of a Curriculum is the most vital component for enhancing the employability of MBA students.

2. Developing Soft Skills among Students

Soft skills play a vital role in MBA student acceptability by the industry. Colleges that offer MBA to students, in addition to the Curriculum as approved by their Regulatory Bodies should introduce subjects on communication skills, leadership, foreign languages, extracurricular activities, clubs on personal and professional development, and exchange programs with foreign Universities as well. Skills in Communication and teamwork are best taught through workshops, seminars, and webinars encouraging maximum participation from students during off-class hours. Such skills like problem-solving, and root cause analytics widen the horizon of the MBA student’s knowledge and he or she is better prepared for life.

3. Collaboration with Industry and Establishing Centre of Excellence 

MBA students should have a fertile mind and not restrict their knowledge based on classroom teaching only. Most industries in Delhi NCR have collaborated with the Higher Educational institutions and are willing to establish their Centre of Excellence which aids and assists students more on the practical aspects than on the theory part. Higher Educational Institutions in Delhi NCR offering MBA Programs conduct experiential learning through case studies, industry visits, Industry-academia interaction programs, subject-focused seminars, guest talks, industrial visits, community service, and encouragement for in-house and outside extra-curricular activities to develop employable skills of students and prepare them as professional managers and entrepreneurs. Motivational lab and tinkering Lab to do something other than your studies is an excellent way to improve cognitive skills and project management. All these bring out a strong academic fabric amongst students and enhance their employability in a multifaceted environment.

Strong Placement Cell

After their academic journey, a student looks up to a Strong Placement Cell which helps in their journey to find a job commensurate with their knowledge and skills. A strong Networking through industry interactions facilitates students enabling students to meet up with their future employers. The Placement Team provides timely career guidance continuously, thereby creating a link between the students and the prospective employer. Students are updated on the current industry status as to which sector is doing well and insights into the industry help students in the decision-making process.    

Upgradation of Knowledge and Skill is a continuous Process

In an extremely fast-moving world, continuous skill and knowledge upgradation of MBA students by colleges of Delhi NCR is unavoidable. The Colleges invite entrepreneurs. Academician and conduct professional development programs through a series of seminars, research Projects seminars, and webinars, so that the students are kept abreast of the latest developments in the industry. 


Q1: How do MBA colleges in Delhi NCR stay updated with industry needs?

A: Most colleges have senior members from Industry as visiting faculty members, members of the Academic Council, and also in their capacity as advisory members to the Management. Regular interactions take place and  MBA  students are updated by these members regularly. 

Q2: Are students permitted to do internships during the last year of their  MBA programs?

A: Pursuing an internship in the last semester is a common feature in almost all colleges as most recruiters come for placement activities to colleges at the beginning of the last semester. To those who get selected the companies normally offer a six-month internship before their final absorption into the company roll. However, all MBA students do their first internship which is mandatory at the end of the First year in the two months of summer break. This practical exposure experience is an eye-opener for most MBA students.  

Q3: How do these colleges support students in building a professional network?

A: Universities or colleges offering MBA in Delhi NCR  have  Professional Clubs.  in which faculty members are mentors. Professional Club members meet at least once a week. They have well-chalked-out monthly events, which include networking, alumni lectures, industry visits, and seminars. The club conducts industry seminars regularly. MBA colleges in Delhi NCR provide enough opportunities for students to build a strong professional network, enhancing their employability.


MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR are well equipped from all angles to cater to MBA students, looking both from their personal and professional growth points of view.

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