Dr. Sandeep Inamdar Leads ISIP 2024 Counseling Session - NCUIndia

Dr. Sandeep Inamdar Leads ISIP 2024 Counseling Session

12th Feb, 2024

The International Relations Office (IRO) organizedOffline Counseling Session by Dr. Sandeep Inamdar on ISIP (International Summer Internship Programme) 2024 on 12th February, 2024.

International Summer internship program is Research / Project Based Internship in PBL (Project-Based Learning) Environment which is offered in foreign universities. Students get a coveted opportunity to a clear competitive edge by doing an internship for 6-Weeks in foreign universities located across Europe, USA & South East Asia.
The benefits for International summer internship program was discussed. Students from Engineering and management participated in the event.

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A session where participants had the opportunity to seek clarification on various aspects of ISIP and receive personalized advice from Dr. Sandeep Inamdar.

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