Best University for AI and ML in Haryana

Best University for AI and ML in Haryana

2nd Apr, 2024

In a frequently changing world, the influence of AI and ML technology is unavoidable. The impact of this technology is far-reaching and used in sectors like healthcare, business, and education. AI and ML have been integrated into the daily lives of people and provide advanced decision-making with the help of algorithms and big data. 

B. Tech (CSE) in AI and ML program at NorthCap University provides students with knowledge and basic principles, tools, and technologies, making it a good choice for interested candidates. 

Why Northcap University?

Many sectors have welcomed AI and ML with lots of positive energy.  And in that situation, NorthCap University, one of the best universities for AI and ML in Haryana, has grasped the enduring impact of AI.

The demand for skilled professionals in AI and ML is about a lion’s share, making this program an optimal choice for students. 

The CSE specialization in AI and ML program by NCU is a hub for shaping the future of artificial intelligence careers. Let us find out what the unique features that NorthCap University provides in their AI and ML courses.

Planned curriculum for students’ success

When you choose NorthCap University, your career starts to build momentum from day one. Here, you can master theoretical and practical frameworks that are needed in today’s complex market of AI and ML. The professors here are the top leading minds in this technology sector, and your class will consist of students from various cultures and diverse perspectives.

Good Placement record and Career Option

If you are going to colleges for machine learning in Haryana, then the best choice is none other than NorthCap University. This is because NCU has various national and international collaborations and tie-ups with other universities and industries, providing students with myriad opportunities.

The Career Options available to students are:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist
  • Software analysts and developers
  • Data Engineer

Prospective Companies That come for recruitment in NCU for B. Tech (CSE) (AI and ML) department students are:

  • Qualcomm
  • Dell, Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • VMware
  • Springer Nature Technology and Publishing
  • IBM,
  • Analytics Vidhya Educon
  • TATA Industries Ltd.
  • Rolls Royce
  • Philips
  • Oracle
  • American Express

Here at NCU, you will get access to qualified teams and specialists whose connections run both deep and wide across the various industries, both national and international. Therefore, the graduates from this college would find the least problem in searching for jobs.

A study-friendly environment

When you step into NorthCap University, you will find that there is a different collaborative learning environment equipped with various modern tools and laboratories for research. Empowering students with technical knowledge, NCU emphasizes effective communication, teamwork, and leadership, developing a professional mindset for students.

Here, apart from indulging in academic activities, the students are also encouraged to participate in various clubs and events held on the campus. It has a well-maintained cafeteria, hostels with parking spaces, and dedicated health and counseling services catering to the well-being of our students.

Good Location

North Cap University, known as one of the best universities for AI and ML in Haryana according to NIRF, is located in the industrial heartland of Gurgaon, which gives it an appropriate location for educating students as well as providing them with real-world facilities in collaborations with the industries. 

As it is a technical-oriented course, practical sessions are very important for the enhancement and development of the student’s skills. So, NorthCap University provides an inter-communication and integrated education system to its students. The module-based curriculum helps the students to face modern issues while following an ethical practice.

Course Content

There are various ways to deliver AI programs to students, which colleges use for machine learning in Haryana. At North Cap University, the students are provided with the best AI and ML course that covers the following: 

  • Implementation of algorithms effectively
  • Formulate mathematical models for data-driven decision-making.
  • Applying supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning to diverse AI and ML problems.
  • Become proficient in basic methodologies and tools for robotics research and applications.

The course is constructed to align it with the goals of the students and provide them with specific AI and ML skills and techniques to improve their engineering knowledge.

The University also provides help to the students to build their E- e-portfolio of their AI and ML projects so that they can create a strong CV for presentation to their potential recruiters.


In conclusion, NorthCap University is ranked as one of the best universities for providing AI and ML learning courses to students in Haryana. It has an extensive and detailed module-based curriculum planned out for the students, and a research-based practical approach is the hallmark of the course. 

Although there are many educational institutions as well as online platforms present, the students will get the best AI and ML courses at NCU. The students who want to develop their careers in the field of AI and ML learning can benefit from the offers that are made by this University and enhance their skills.


1. How is AI connected to ML?

In simple terms, machine learning is an application of AI that processes the magical mathematical models of data to update computer learning without direct instructions.

2. Is choosing AI and ML courses a good option?

Yes, choosing a course in AI and ML together is a very prescriptive approach to improving the overall soft skills that are required in the technical sector.

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