Best College for Cloud Computing in Delhi NCR

Best College for Cloud Computing in Delhi NCR

1st Apr, 2024

Cloud computing has become a revolutionary change in technology that is driving the world towards digitalization at a very increasing rate. It has become a very significant aspect of business whether in government, education, or any other industrial field.

And with the increase in the need for cloud computing, there is also a need for professionals who are adaptable to it. Many colleges provide courses on cloud computing in their B. tech CSE courses, but getting a qualified cloud computing course from cloud computing engineering colleges in Haryana brings a lot of difference.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a branch of computer science that is in alliance with the management, storage, processing, and security of data on a network of internet servers.

Here, the main fact is one need not buy their own data or maintain it in a computer through centers. They can access technology services with computer power storage and data basis from a cloud provider. It is an effective method to access the computer resources of any business without getting the burden of storing them.

Briefing of The Cloud Computing Course at NorthCap

When a student chooses the specialization program in cloud computing, they will be made to understand the important principles of cloud computing. 

  • The students are provided with the theoretical as well as the practical know-how of cloud computing in daily life. 
  • We cover the process of developing applications and their management on the cloud. 
  • The students are taught by experts who offer distinguished knowledge that can help a student achieve their goal of being technical aspirant.
  • NCU also provides the best placements in high-profile companies. 

The subjects in this course may vary from university to university, but the core subjects of cloud computing are

  • Virtual concept
  • Cloud fundamentals 
  • Private and public cloud environment
  • cloud PaaS, SaaS
  • Cloud computing securitization

Duration and Eligibility of the Cloud Computing Degree

BSc and BTech in computer science are 3 years courses in duration if you are doing it from any cloud computing college in Haryana, whereas if one wants to pursue a master’s in computer cloud, it will be 2 2-year courses. 

The demand for cloud computing has increased over the past years due to the constant upgrade of technology and computer network systems. Therefore, NorthCap University offers its students an updated and skillful cloud computing degree.

The eligibility criteria for NorthCap University are:

For undergraduate course

  • The student must secure a minimum of 50% or above in their class 12.
  • They must have completed 12th grade in the science stream or any related subject.
  • The admission process is done through the entrance exam or merit-based list.

For post-graduate courses

  • Candidates must score aggregate marks of a minimum of 55 -60 % in bachelor’s degree.
  • Must have pursued their previous degree in BSC computer science or any other related subject.
  • Admission is based on the entrance exam or merit list as the University considers it.

Why Should a Student Choose NCU for a Cloud Computing Course?

This program of cloud computing helps the students to recognize the drastic changes in the technology landscape. NorthCap University focuses on providing its students with updated knowledge and skills regarding this field.

  • It has the set of best teachers with high qualifications. 
  • With an experience of more than 200 years, NCU tries to provide all the requirements for the student. 
  • The students are equipped with an understanding and practical applications of this cloud computing technology. 
  • The course is planned cleverly so that it can provide students with the technical export and the technical skills that are required in this dynamic landscape of cloud computing. 
  • It provides a stimulating learning experience for the students.

The course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the basic concept of cloud computing, including its 

  • architecture, 
  • different models, 
  • service models, and 
  • Security

Career for Cloud computing

It helps to evaluate different cloud service providers and select the appropriate one based on the needs of an organization. It helps the students increase their proficiency in managing the Cloud-based application and database storage system, as well as monitoring their daily performance.

Cloud computing is the currently demanded solution for storing data globally. It is an important component in IT-based enterprises. The beginners, being or small, have to deploy computer cloud technology in a suitable capacity for continuing their daily activities. 

As it is known, the cloud computing market is expected to grow by 30% as it is growing so it will generate a lot of future scope for his experience. Many students with degrees in engineering and technology want to go for cloud computing due to the range of opportunities provided in this field.

After a student completes this program in cloud computing from one of the best colleges for cloud computing in Delhi NCR, they will be able to secure very good opportunities in industries such as

  • Cloud architect: Implement and develop cloud-based initiative systems that are reliable, secure, and achieve the business goal.
  • Cloud engineers: Plan and conduct technical tasks.
  • Cloud security analyst: Manages all aspects of cloud security and tests these tools for security management.
  • Cloud operation manager: Conduct technical studies, evaluate business requirements, and manage them.


For a graduate or postgraduate of Northcap University, which is one of the best colleges for cloud computing Delhi NCR provides courses in CSE. It has an unpaired placement opportunity along with quality faculties that comprise credit professionals who have achieved many milestones over their years and are constantly striving towards even greater heights.

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