Visualive is a new addition to the student activity scenario in the campus and has some of the most creative minds in the University as a part of it. The members project their creativity using software’s like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Coral, Silver light, etc. This Society specializes in Graphics Designing and its responsibilities include handling all the creative and design work in the University. Visualive is diversifying from Graphic Designing and making inroads into creative thinking and practical designing.

Mission: The motto to open such club in an engineering college was to recreate the Spark of Creativity in the minds of the budding engineers. Without having a creative outlook no matter what you do, you will not be able to be successful. This Society caters the creative talent in the students and provides them a platform to showcase it.


  • This Society aims to assist University with their design needs and provides a place to interact with other graphic design Passionate.
  • It seeks to bring together individuals, institutions and industries to evolve and develop practices in the field of Computer Graphics and Web Designing.
  • It offers opportunities for students to upgrade their designing skills with latest Graphic Tools.
  • It will help students to develop their organizational skills for conducting workshops (by guest artists and designers), inter/intra University competitions.