Creativity is one of the most important aspect of being human It is one of the main traits that make us whole and successful as an individuals and as a species. Each individual is creative in their own special way and we bring out the best of their creative side.

Visualive is the creative society of The NorthCap University. It consists of a number of creative people who conduct creative events for you that challenge you, help you to nurture your inner confidence, instill curiosity and much more. We specially conduct fun and engaging activities in which the students put their full effort and passion into. In the team every individual showcases their own idea and we together as a team execute them in successful events. We as society also create creative digital art work like posters, pamphlets, banners,covers etc for other societies too for our sole belief in helping others and moving forward together. Founded by Mr. Vishal Kanwar in 2017 with only just 2 team members. With our inner confidence and vision in our minds Visualive has grown to a family of 25 talented members. We value each other’s opinions, thoughts and respect everyone be it our junior or senior.

We are very active in organizing various events within the campus and are keen in showcasing NCU’s talent through competitions outside the University. Going a little deeper, the club comprises of two different teams namely:

  • Creativity Team
  • Designing Team

Creativity team is lead by Mr. Aditya Tanwar(Student- Dept of Computer Science Engineering) and Designing team is lead by Mr. Aarin Pratap(Student- Dept of Computer Science Engineering). Both the teams are mentored by Ms. Kanika Gupta and Dr. Shilpa Mahajan.

Student Coordinators:
Aarin Pratap Singh – 8619595155
Aditya Tanwar – 7027380058

Faculty Coordinators:
Ms. Kanika Gupta (Dept of CSE)
Dr. Shilpa Mahajan (Dept of CSE)