Synergy club – School of Management, organises various co-curricular activities for the students at the department, as well as the University level. These activities are designed to promote the all round development of the student. Dr. Shelly Singhal is coordinating events organized under this club. Some of the activities organised by Synergy Club in January –June, 2018 are as follows:


Where creativity meets madness: AD MAD show was organised for SOM students. Its objective is to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. It comprises of a humorous & conceptual Ad presentation by the students where students in teams are provided an innovative product that is not yet launched in the market and they are expected to present an Ad of maximum 1 minute.

Case Study Analysis

Case study analysis was organised for SOM students. It provides students a platform to apply the learning in the classroom to an actual business challenge. Case studies strengthen the student’s grasp of management theory, by providing real-life examples of the theoretical concepts.


Extempore will be organised by the club at the University level. In it a random topic will be assigned to the student and they will speak on for 2-minutes. This will test the student’s presence of mind, awareness, confidence and fluency in language.

Business Quiz Quiz will be organised by the club at the University level. It will be conducted through OTMS. The Objective will be to test the student’s general awareness and business acumen. It will consist of six different sections which will encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge.