Computers and technology are taking over the world, assuring a new era of digitalization. So, it’s only natural that ability to write code is almost like a superpower. Therefore, NCU is running Programmers club and main objective of this club is to take students towards competitive programming at different level to meet the growing demands for Professionals and to improve the career prospects of students. Aim is to create an environment that promotes computer science and problem-solving skills and to enable them to become better programmer.

This club organises hackathons, workshops and other coding events for all departments that gives great exposure and unique experience. By organizing competitions, we call industry experts with we hope to promote this concept further. Also, we intend to get seniors and juniors to interact with one another to create a strong support system so that juniors have some place to look to for guidance. We also have tie-up with other organisations such as Coding Ninjas for conducting various events.

Objectives of Programming Club is:

  • To inculcate programming skills, coding ability, team working skills in students who want to expand their IT knowledge and become industry ready.
  • To enhance problem-solving abilities within a time limit.
  • To improves the ability to perform under pressure.

Students can

  • Test their coding ability and improve themselves
  • Recognize potential for coding competitions at global level
  • Develop programming, problem solving and team working skills


Latest Events:

  • “Code NCU” with 3 rounds of competition
  • Workshops on “Basics of Strings, Arrays and Data Structure”by an expert Mohd Afzal
  • “Coding Competition with different test cases” to code in any language by coding Ninjas
  • “Quarantine Code” to program by coding ninjas