Clinical legal education is a progressive educational ideology and pedagogy that is most often implemented through university programs. School of Law has incorporated the clinical teaching methods through different centers and societies, as the objective is to promote learning by doing.
The Society through Clinical Legal Education provides an effective and sustainable solution to the two-fold problem that impedes and hinders access to justice in Gurugram and nearby local areas.
The society aims to achieve following objectives:

  • Marginalized and disadvantaged groups often lack the legal knowledge, understanding or financial means to access the law and their rights. The result is a sense of injustice throughout societies in which a growing rift divides those with financial and legal means and those without means. Student members actively organize ‘Sabhas’ and ‘visits’ to local communities and villages to organize interactive sessions to discuss the legal issues and entitlement rights to further help them exercise their rights.
  • Awareness among the literates and illiterates is the focal point as it is important to create legal awareness to have a progressive society, hence legal literacy is very actively taken up by the members of this society.
  • Students are trained for social justice and access to justice and it produces law graduates with the legal skills, knowledge and hand-on practical training to prepare them for diverse opportunities of the legal sector.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops to spread awareness and get in depth knowledge of Law.
  • Foster broader and deeper connections bridging between the global universe of legal practitioners and the academy.