Dr Divyabha Vashisth

Head of the Centre

Possessing good communication skills is of utmost importance in today’s world. The Centre for Languages Learning was formed with the aim of providing students the required knowledge and effective communication skills so that they achieve excellence in their respective fields.

At The NorthCap University, we have students coming from diverse backgrounds possessing different speaking and writing abilities. The English Section of the Centre seeks to cater to these diverse needs of the students of NCU by offering them the opportunity to read widely and to express themselves effectively both orally and in writing. The Centre offers courses in Communication Skills, which enables the students to acquire abilities which are desired globally. The curriculum of these courses is well-developed and stimulating, and enhances the skills from employability perspective as well. The faculty members associated with the Centre are highly qualified and trained, and are committed to provide excellent standards of teaching by focusing on writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Our state-of- the-art Language laboratory also helps in enhancing the speaking and listening skills of the students thereby making them industry ready.

We are proud to offer Thought Lab for the cognitive development of our students. It is an innovative concept introduced for the first time in India. Thought Lab helps in developing creating pure, positive and creative thoughts in students. Students will learn to adopt positivity and deal with stress.

The Centre also offers Compulsory Foreign Language courses in French, Spanish and German to all the students of the University because development in technology, research and higher education requires multilingual communicators and having proficiency in foreign languages certainly gives the students an edge in terms of placements.