Webinar on Basics of Entrepreneurship

Webinar on Basics of Entrepreneurship

The webinar was hosted on go to webinar on 18th April 2020 at 12.00 pm. It was a 1.5-hour session where speaker highlighted insights about how one can become an entrepreneur. He discussed about the steps to be taken before setting up a start-up. He also stressed upon not forgetting about one’s passion and made people aware that is important to always have a backup plan because you are never sure when the tables could turn up on you. The speaker highlighted that it is important to be sure about one’s interests. The webinar ended with question answer session. There were around 100 participants.

Speaker: Vineet Gupta (Gemini Solutions)

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Monika and Manvi Bareja

Students Coordinators: Abhishek Singh, Bharat, Udyan and Tuhini

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