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Special Skill Development Programs

Overall personality of the students, characterized by their technical domain knowledge along with their soft skills play an important role in the employability of the students and their career prospects. Therefore, the department has designed additional special skill development modular programs, which go beyond the curriculum to nurture the students in multi-domains and make them ready for better placements. Some of these modular programs target to the development of the soft skills in students, such as communication skills, teamwork, leadership, ethics and social responsibility, and general personality development. Other special skill development programs are industry oriented technical domain workshops, which focus majorly on hands-on content. Hence, students develop strong working knowledge in the diverse domains, thereby giving them an edge in the job interviews & exams. The senior industry professionals are approached to deliver different modular courses, aligned with the industry needs and students’ curriculum.

Other value added courses are technical domain courses which focus on the trend in the industry and the placement scenario at that point of time. These courses are kept very dynamic and offered to students as per industry needs, which we get to know by feedback through our alumni or placement cell (SPA) of the university. The students undertake latest courses like Android and mobile apps, Web technology, Robotics, IOT applications using Arduino etc. The pre-requisites such as Advanced C++ with applications, JAVA, DBMS, Microcontrollers etc. are offered to them before advanced courses. The aim of these courses is to expose students to all state-of-the-art domains, including IT related domains, to provide them with more job opportunities.

Students demonstrating their Robot-cars near the end of SSDP on ‘Robotics 0’




6th semester students demonstrating their work done during SSDP sessions on ‘Robotics 1’



Students working on Embedded C Design kit during a SSDP on “C Applications”



Students working on a Brain Teaser in a SSDP session on “C++ Applications”


Students working on a temperature sensor using Microcontroller Kit  during VA course on ‘Tinkering with Microcontrollers’



\           Kudos certificate and prize handed over to student for good performance in SSDP



4th Semester students being assessed at the end of five-days programme on C++


Following are the VA courses offered to B.Tech students, in different semesters.

CLL102 Effective comm. 1 (1-2)2 and CLL 102 Effective comm. 2 (1-2)2

These VA courses are conducted by language department of the university in B.Tech-1st and 2nd semester, where students go through personality development sessions for improving their communication/presentation skills.


EEV202 Tech VA 1 (0-2)1 and EEV301 Tech VA II (0-2)1

These are technical domain VA courses conducted in 3rd and 4th semesters. These are not fixed but selected as per industry need and generally advanced courses such as Android/Web Technology/IOT based on arduino etc. are covered in 4th semester and the pre-requisite courses such as JAVA, DBMS, C++ etc. are covered in 3rd semester.


CLP300 (0-2)1- SSD I  and CLP310 (0-2)1-SSD II

These two courses are incorporated as special skill development courses for 5th and 6th semester students. Here special sessions are conducted to improve soft skills such as teamwork, ethics and most importantly students are prepared for facing the placement interviews. Students as trained to work on their attitudes and overall personality development.