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Undergraduate Programmes

B. Tech. Civil Engineering

The curriculum of B.Tech. Civil engineering will prepare the graduates for suitable employment in civil engineering and related disciplines and prepare graduates with basic competence required to pursue advanced study and research in civil engineering and related disciplines. While framing the curriculum, not only the technology development in civil engineering but also the technology development in information technology, biotechnology, satellite communications, computers and materials have been taken into account. The programme has total credits of 175. There are 39 core courses(124 credits), 11 programme electives (33 credits), 4 open electives (12 credits), one foundation course elective (3credits) and 1 Foreign language course elective (3 credits). Out of 37 core courses, 3 courses on soft skills development (3 credits) and 2 value added courses on technical skills (2 credits) have been added to improve the employability skills required in Industry.