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Ph. D Programme



The Ph.D. programme in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon is designed to provide an opportunity for students to pursue a program of research in a specialized area and to develop a dissertation that embodies the results of original research and gives evidence of high quality publication.


The Ph.D. program include two semester coursework related with specialized area in which student is planning to conduct the research work. Foreign languages are not required. The focus in doctoral studies at the NCU is the student's dissertation research, which must make a significant contribution to professional knowledge in the field. Department offers Ph.D. in following broad areas.

  1. Concrete technology
  2. Environmental Engineering
  3. Geotechnical Engineering
  4. Air pollution monitoring and modelling
  5. Water treatment and water resource management
  6. Waste management and construction
  7. Remote Sensing & GIS
  8. Climate change & Sustainability
  9. Landfills and solid waste management
  10. Urban development & project management
  11. Transport infrastructure


Broad Area of ongoing PhD Research

Green Concrete Technology:

The production of OPC is responsible for about 7% of the world’s CO2 emissions, Department is working to develop binders for partially replacing the cement, and develop green concrete. Utilization of wastes materials like recycled aggregates in concrete making without compromising the strength and durability.

Remote sensing for irrigation water requirement: Estimation of water consumption based on ET models using remotely sensed data and ground water fluoride and it’s associated affected on health and overall economic burden on society.

Utilization of waste material as binder material in pavements

 Attempts have been made to utilize fly ash from thermal power stations and lime sludge from drinking water treatment plants as a binder material for flexible pavement. This composite was able to achieve the target strengths set by the Indian Road Congress and Electric Power Research Institute (USA).

Remediation of Industrial effluent Adsorption studies for the removal heavy metal copper from waste waters, of copper using different types of biomaterials, biocomposites and bio-geocomposites.


Pile capacity installed adjacent to buried pipe / tunnel

Urban development involves the construction of high rise buildings which require deep foundations at the one end and underground conduits or pipes for supply of water, electricity, sewage or other life lines on the other hand. Therefore, there is co-existence of both deep foundations and buried conduits or tunnels. Under such circumstances, it is possible that a pile foundation designed for a structure may exist near the pre-existing underground tunnel or conduit. Hence, it is necessary to understand how the pile- tunnel interaction affects the pile capacity which in turn affects the safety of pile supported structures. In the past, tunnel-pile-soil interaction has been analyzed numerically, analytically and numerically.

Forensic (Geotechnical) Investigations in Civil Infrastructure projects

Forensic Geotechnical Engineering is a process which involves engineering, legal and scientific investigations and methods to detect the reasons of failure and process of development of sign of distress, failure and collapse in a structure, which may be caused due to geotechnical reasons. The scope for forensic investigation covers the following: (i) To investigate the initial reasons behind failure and establish an initial theory of failure, (ii) collection of the evidences in support of theory adopted for failure, (iii) selection of suitable testing methods and techniques to prove the evidence collection in support of failure scientifically, and (iv) To reach out at the conclusion of final reason of failure and derive the basic cause of failure based on the analysis of evidence.

Current PhD Scholars in the Department

1.      Ms. Anju Bala, working in the area of “Hydrology & Remote Sensing” whose topic of research is “Estimation of evapotranspiration through Surface Energy Balance Model Using Satellite Data”

2.      Ms. Vaishali Sahu, working in the area of “Environmental Geotechnology” whose topic of research is “Study on Stabilized Fly Ash Lime Sludge Composite as Pavement Base Course Layer”

3.      Ms. Geetha Varma, working in the area of “Environmental Engineering” whose topic of research is “Adsorption potentiality of biomaterials and biogeocomposite on the removal of copper from aqueous solutions”

4.      Ms. Niragi Kalpesh Dave, working in the area of “Concrete Technology” whose topic of research is “To Investigate the Behavior and Performance of Quaternary Cement Binder Matrices”

5.      Ms. Ruchi Gupta, working in the area of “Hydrology, GIS and Remote Sensing” whose topic of research is “Environmental and Economic Evaluation of Fluoride Toxicity in Jhajjar district, Haryana”

6.      Mr.Sameer Gaur, working in the area of “Recycled aggregate concrete”

7.      Ms. Monica Rani Malhotra, working on a topic “Investigation of Pile capacity adjacent to buried pipe system”

8.      Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Srivastavaworking on a topic “Forensic Geotechnical investigations in Civil  & Infrastructure projects


Funded Research Projects

Details of proposal sanctioned

Sr. No.

Title of the Project


Submitted to

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Experimental and Numerical Study of Single Pile Capacity Adjacent to Existing Buried Pipe System

Rs.24.37 Lakhs


Ms. Vaishali Sahu

Technical sanction for funding granted


Proposals Submitted

Sr. No.

Title of the Project


Submitted to

Submitted by



Air quality management and impact assessment through air quality monitoring and modelling in Gurugram

Rs. 96.48 Lakh


Prof Pramila Goyal,

Dr Anil Kumar Mishra &

Ms Purnima Bajpai


Result awaited


Air Quality Forecasting Through coupling of different Models

Rs. 54 Lakhs


Prof Pramila Goyal &

Dr. A.K. Misra

Result Awaited


Development of in-situ management plan for remediation of groundwater fluoride and salinity in Jhajjar district.

Rs. 26 Lakhs


Dr. A.K. Misra

Recommended for resubmission to CSIR


Departmental projects funded by different agencies

Sr. No.

Name of faculty/ students

Project title

Funded by

Amount of fund



Dr.  A.K.Misra

Ms. Nikita Gupta

Design and Testing of Geo-synthetic materials along with artificial set of lithologies suitable for water filters, RO Systems, Building Recharge Structures and Soil Aquifer Treatment Systems

Ministry of small and medium enterprises, Govt. of India

Rs.1.5 lakhs

Completed in June 2013


Dr.  Anil Kumar Misra

Study of the salinity and flouride hazards in shallow and deep aquifers of Fatehpur Sikri block with special reference to environmental impact analysis of small scale industries and other anthropogenic pollutants on ground water.


Rs.3.5 lakhs

Started in April,2012 and was Completed in April 2013


Dr. V Gayathri

Geotechnical characterization and

strength studies of stabilized and tire shred mixed fly ash


Rs 11.1 lakhs

Started in January 2012 and completed in July 2014


Important Publications in the Year 2015

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Amit Srivastava, Deepanshu Yadav, Himanshu Bhardwaj (2015). Ground water quality assessment around Gazipur landfill site, Delhi. International Conference on Geo-Engineering and Climate Change Technologies for Sustainable Environment Management (GCCT-2015), 9th – 11th October 2015, MNNIT, Allahabad, India (

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Sugandh Sharma, Taranjeet Kaur and Megha Kalra (2015) "The study of structural behaviour of steel fiber reinforced concrete beam ", Journal of  structural engineering and management, Volume 2, Issue 3, PP 27 to 33.


Important Publications in the year 2016

Verma, Nipun, and Anil Kumar Misra. "Bond Characteristics of reinforced TMT bars in self compacting concrete and normal cement concrete." Alexandria Engineering Journal 54, no. 4 (2015): 1155-1159.

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Important Publications in the year 2017

Vaishali Sahu, Amit Srivastava, Anil Kumar Misra, Anil Kumar Sharma (2017) Stabilization of fly ash and lime sludge composites: Assessment of its performance as base course material. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (Elsevier), 17: 475-485.

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