Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. To provide an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Science and create a foundation of lifelong learning to facilitate progressive careers in industry and in pursuit of higher studies.

2. To equip our students with technical and analytical skills to develop innovative solutions to complex real life problems suing existing and novel technologies.

3. To equip our students with sufficient communication & interpersonal skills, multi-disciplinary teamwork and leadership skills to enable them to fulfill professional responsibilities.

4. To expose them to various contemporary issues which will enable them become ethical and responsible towards themselves, co-workers, the Society and the Nation.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

1. The graduates are proficient in fundamental and principle methods of Computer Science, Mathematical and Scientific reasoning and are able to

a. Apply fundamental concepts of integration, differentiation, vector calculus, probability & statistics, and discrete mathematics.

b. Design, create & evaluate algorithms and data structures appropriate to specific. problems.

c. Design and implement database sytems.

2. The graduates possess in-depth knowledge of various components of hardware and system software. The students have thorough understanding of

a. Architecture of computer systems and functionality of various units.

b. Role of operating system in managing the hardware units.

c. Computer networks and security related issues.

3. The gradustes are competent in object oriented programming languages and possess basic knowledge of several oter programming languages.

4. The graduates exhibit knowledge of diverse software engineering practices and project mamagement and can work as a team leader/team member in developing software of multidisciplinary nature.

5. The graduates possess ability to explore emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions to real time problems within constraints such as financial, environmental, social and ethical.

6. The graduates have demonstration ability to communicate effectively such as

a. Being able to comprehend and write technical documents.

b. Make effective listener-sensitive technical presentations using modern ICT tools.

c. Being able to contribute in decision making processes like debates, group discussions, etc.