Prof. Pramila Goyal

Prof. Pramila Goyal
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

(Formerly Professor, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi)
Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics), University of Roorkee (Now IIT Roorkee)
M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), University of Roorkee (Now IIT Roorkee)

Prof. Pramila Goyal joined NCU, Gurugram on 20th August, 2015 as Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Applied Sciences & Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Her broad areas of research interests include: Air Pollution Modeling, Environmental Impact Assessment, Emission Inventories, Carrying / Assimilative Capacity of Urban Cities, and Environmental Management Studies.

With a total professional experience of 38 years in teaching and research, she has 55 Publications to her credit – 44 Papers in International and 11 Papers in National Journals, besides, 65 International / National Conference Papers published in the peer reviewed Conference Proceedings. She has mentored 14 Ph.D. and 17 M.Tech students, developed / taught many Courses to B.Tech, M.Tech, M.B.A. and Pre Ph.D students during her stint at IIT Delhi. She has visited numerous countries as Invited Scientist/Speaker / under Collaborative Scientific Research Projects.

Area of Expertise: Air Pollution Mathematical Modeling and Air Quality Monitoring. Air Pollution & Health.