The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an international learned society for computing. The Association for Computing Machinery was founded as the Eastern Association for Computing Machinery at a meeting at Columbia University in New York on September 15, 1947.

ACM has established Student Chapters to provide an opportunity for students to play a more active role in the Association and its professional activities. More than 500 colleges and universities throughout the world participate in the ACM Student Chapter Program. By encouraging organization of student chapters on college and university campuses, the Association is able to introduce students to the benefits of a professional organization. These benefits include periodic meetings, which encourage and enhance learning through the exchange of ideas among students, and between established professionals and students.

Student Chapter members and others may take advantage of the activities and services provided by the Association such as the Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP), the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), the Student Research Competition (SRC), and the Publications Program. Student chapters provide a natural setting to develop and demonstrate leadership capabilities — an important factor both to students in their career development and professional growth, as well as to the future of the Association.

The ACM-NCU is the student chapter in NCU, Gurugram with its core focus areas in the field of computer science and engineering. The student chapter is focused on a wide range of ACM activities like encouraging students to take an active interest in the emerging and exciting world of computing and facilitating the members by providing guidance in their field of interest. Currently total 32 active members are part of this chapter including 5 faculty members and undergraduate students of Computer Science and Engineering in NCU.

Mission: The mission of the ACM Students Chapter is to offer students an opportunity to learn, innovate and grow into intellectuals, visionaries and technocrats who work to promote the advancement of science and technology. It is primarily focused on providing the university community with self-improvement opportunities through activities similar to workshops, seminars, training programs and competitions through close collaboration the global ACM community.

Objectives: The main objective of ACM Students Chapter is to enhance learning through exchange of ideas among students, and between established professionals and students.