Utkarsh Srivastava

My experience of British Telecom Campus drive was a very smooth and astonishing. The online test conducted was entirely based on the profile they offered and the skills they require for it, which is very relevant and appropriate.
The other two rounds that is technical and HR were also to th… e point and the main attraction of the drive was the management round which was conducted in the office itself.
It was really professional and friendly attitude showed by them as they made us visit the campus and let us have a glimpse of what we’ll be doing as employees of BT.
The senior director Mr. Manish addressed all the selected candidates with warm wishes and inspiring words which gave me a feeling of proud to be shortlisted to work in BT.
Overall my experience with all the officials of the company and placement process is positive and motivating and I feel lucky to be placed in such a big organization as it will give me an opportunity have excessive exposure and learn.”
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