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School of Engineering and Technology

School of Engg & Technology

The School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) forms the largest component of The NorthCap University with its five academic departments, namely Applied Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology, Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering continues to move forward in its pursuit of educational excellence at the university.
The legacy of the School is based on strong fundamentals built over nearly two decades of sustained efforts, building blocks of engineering excellence during the University’s earlier Avtar, as Institute of Technology and Management. ITM had an uninterrupted stint and was known and recognized as the best engineering college in Haryana for much over a decade. It continuously figured in the list of top ten engineering colleges in Northern India in various rankings and in Top 50 All India Engineering Institutions by many of the credible ranking agencies in India. The NorthCap University continues to enjoy superior rankings as the best private engineering colleges in Delhi NCR and Haryana.

Engineering Faculty

The School is proud of having a team of highly motivated, experienced and hardworking faculty with an experience in learning-teaching and research in India’s top engineering colleges and universities including IITs. The School offers an enabling work environment and supporting infrastructure for its faculty to innovate, pursue research besides learning technology which facilitate the continuous improvement of teaching – learning systems in the Department and the School. Besides faculty development programmes, a large number of workshops, seminars, in-house conferences, guest lectures, trainings and industry exposure were organized to increase competencies. In addition, honorary distinguished research professors from India’s best engineering colleges and universities, and industry leaders have mentored our faculty members to improve the teaching- learning processes to help them to develop into outstanding academics. This has been a year when each faculty visited and interacted with industry experts during the students’ summer internships and every faculty has undergone an extensive FDP. Currently 80% of our faculty are either PhDs or pursuing PhD. As part of faculty outreach, our faculty has been delivering lectures, workshops and seminars in some of the top engineering colleges and universities across India.

BTech Programmes

The popularity of the B. Tech programmes is reflected in the high student selectivity ratio for admission which in turn is based on the outcome of the student placement record in recent years. The School has worked to improve the framework of the students’ continuous evaluation, provide higher degree of academic flexibility and focus on internships and major projects. Each student, after second and third year, compulsorily goes through the rigours of summer internships. The B Tech curriculum has been revisited to rationalize the programmes total credits to 170 ± 5 and the revamping of course curricula, including its practical orientation. The curriculum is meticulously designed by involving stakeholders and experts from industry and academia from the top engineering universities and colleges across India. Our students from the undergraduate programmes have attracted the best engineering placements in Delhi NCR region amongst private universities.

Higher Education

The Department of CSE & IT has initiated a specialization in Cyber Security in its M Tech programme while MTech in VLSI and Embedded Systems in ECE Department is doing very well. Our faculty conducted a series of workshops on Cyber Security covering topics such as Cryptography, Insecure Electronic Transaction, Social Engineering and Digital Forensics. There has been an encouraging trend in admissions to the PhD programme with an increase of about 29% i.e. from 74 to 96 scholars currently in SOET. The admission to our M Tech programmes which includes MTech in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering is decidedly better than most engineering colleges in Delhi NCR.

Industry-Academia Engagement

· The ASQ-NCU Student Chapter is the first of its kind initiative with the leaders in quality world-wide, i.e. ASQ. We are chosen as the only university amongst the top private universities in India by ASQ to forge a strong linkage for building academic quality in our institute. Some of the prominent ASQ events during the year were:

· Annual Quality Workshop 2015‘Lean for Leadership’: To provide exposure to the best global practices in industry, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Delhi, India held its Annual Quality Workshop 2015 on ‘Lean for Leadership’ at The NorthCap University, Gurugram on 18 February 2015.

· Visit to GMR at Delhi Airport – step towards ‘Quality’: A team of 25 students from the University led by Director, SOET, visited the GMR Office of Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) on 21 February 2015 to see for themselves the ‘Journey of Excellence’ of the Delhi International Airport.

· White Belt in Variation Reduction’ – Certificate Course Conducted by ASQ-NCU student chapter on 11 April 2015. The course was attended by 87 participants including 7 faculty members of The NorthCap University.

· Industry-Academia Engagement during the reporting year has resulted in the creation of 12 major projects carried out by students in the industry. This is a key to improve employability and leadership quality of the students. No wonder our School is ranked amongst the top engineering college in Delhi NCR, Haryana for the placements.

B. Tech Projects

Project orientation plays a vital role in enhancing the leadership and innovative skills of students. The creation of ‘Technovation’ – a process of showcasing innovative projects has resulted in improving the quality of projects. After a rigorous scrutiny for innovation, authenticity, quality and standards, the Evaluation Committee selects three final year B Tech projects for the Best B Tech Project Awards each year in June and are given cash awards of upto Rs 1 Lakh. The kind of focused attention directed to the final year projects is indeed rare when compared with even the best of engineering university in Delhi NCR.

· Suraksha – a woman safety device developed by Nitish Aggarwal, Nishant Ahlawat and Nishant Bhardwaj (Dept of EECE) mentored by Ms Charu Rana. This cost effective women safety device uses the latest technology on GPS, GSM, Piezoelectric sensors (force sensors) and voice recognition.

· Dexto: Eka – the humanoid robot made by Sumit Gupta, Himanshu Vaswani, and Yash Gupta (Dept of EECE) mentored by Mr Sidharth Bhatia. Dexto: Eka is a tele-operated anthropomorphic robot with three modes of operation: dependent, semi-sovereign and sovereign, defining the different levels of control over the robot.

· Development of Mix Design and Study the strength and durability of Self Compacting Concrete prepared by Shwetang Kundu, Sumit Ahlawat and Utsav Jain of Civil Engineering, guided by Ms Prachi Sohoni. Work was carried out on effective replacement of cement with waste materials like rice husk, fly ash and micro silica to increase structural quality and durability of concrete.

International Society of Optics And Photonics (SPIE)

NCU Gurugram has always encourage participation of students and faculty in the Professional Societies. The Society is advancing an interdisciplinary approach in the field of Science and application of light. NCU Gurugram is a proud member of the Society and has now come on to the world map of the Optical Society of America (OSA), after IIT Delhi and DTU in Delhi-NCR. The OSA student chapter has been officially approved by the Member and Education Services (MES) Council on 29 October 2015. It has more than 50 student members and has been actively involved in the following activities:

1. Interactive and demonstrative session on Holography by Prof. Kehar Singh (Honorary Distinguished Research Professor, NCU).

2. Quiz and Pictionary on optics

3. Two students attended an International conference.

4. SPIE-student chapter Vice President represented the chapter at San Diego, USA.

5. Educational trips and exhibitions such as the Laser World of Photonics

6. One-day workshops on Optics currently to celebrate International Year of Light (IYL-2015)

Sponsored Projects

Keeping in with its credibility in research and as a leading university in India, the Year 2015 has enhanced the research image of the University. Three sponsored research projects have been completed. Four research projects are ongoing in the University for which Rs. 100.57 lakhs have been allotted by various Government Agencies. Additionally, three more projects have been technically approved. 27 research projects have been submitted to various funding agencies.