Deepika Khatkar

I got placed in VEGAZVA GROUP. I’m thankful to NCU for providing me a platform where I was able to hone my skills, develop myself and emerge out with flying colors. NCU has always been supportive throughout my journey.…  The faculty always guided and motivated me, to bring out the best in me.The faculty are really thoughtful in imparting the best of their knowledge to their students and be practical at the same time. The placement cell conducted group discussions and mock personal interviews to prepare us to face the real interviews.The message I want to convey to my juniors and to the future students of NCU is that you have to come out of your comfort zone. Everybody tells you, that you have to come out of your comfort zone to gain success, but I think that you have to come out of your comfort zone, just to expand its boundaries, because this is a continuous process. Every single day you have to learn new things so that every day, you are coming out of your comfort zone, expanding it, and applying the acquired knowledge in your real life, which will be helpful to you. NCU is truly a very good platform for you if you want to achieve and succeed in your career.   Read more

Shubhangi Bhardwaj

I am Shubhangi Bhardwaj pursuing my masters in finance at the NorthCap University here at gurugram. This university is one of the leading management School which has its vision as emphasizing on academic excellence,…  research, innovation, entrepreneurship and developing socially sensitive managers and this is not just a statement.
School of Management (SOM) , NCU has the best quality of learning and innovation with industry-aligned curriculum and industry experts themselves teaching you. I have seen teachers in SOM always encouraging students, motivating them to achieve their goals in life and instill entrepreneurial spirit among students. I have seen a commendable change in myself throughout my life at NCU with becoming more career focused for which credits goes to the amazing professors who have always asked me to be independent  no matter what and do things that adds to my personality and not just my CV. When I come to placements at NCU they put in their best efforts to get the students placed in top companies with an high package. The university also awards and appreciate a student that does exceedingly well in academics and as I have been in the Dean’s List I was extremely happy with their gesture. Life at NCU is great and rewarding unless you have dreams!
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Radhika Bhatia

The journey of engineering in NCU has been wonderful. Attending and bunking classes with friends, spending time in cafeteria, participating and dancing in fests are the moments to remember. But in the final year, completing the motive of doing engineering that is getting placed in a good company feels awesome.… Getting placed in AVL is like a dream come true. When I went to the company for the interviews after clearing the aptitude test, I made up my mind that I have to get into this organization. The work culture of the company pleased me the most and also the people there were intellectual and much experienced.  Getting placed in a technical company is a desire that every computer engineer want.I would like to thank my parents for being a complete support system in my life, my friends and especially the SPA society for preparing me for the placement interviews and helping me throughout the process.   Read more

Akshat Mathur

I am Akshat Mathur, a student of The NorthCap University, Batch of 2014 -2018. I am currently working as an R&D engineer in the emulation division at Mentor, a Siemens Business, Noida.…  My journey with Mentor started off as being a trainee at the prestigious HEP program that Mentor organizes. My journey ever since has been a total roller coaster. With my perseverance and the amazing guidance of my professors at NCU, I was able to see the vast spectrum of opportunities that the VLSI domain holds and how I should work to grab these opportunities. Looking back I realize much I have learnt from my professors. The knowledge they imbibed in me is actually helping me to solve real industry problems. Pursuit of knowledge is however a never ending process and I still need to learn a lot to converge to my definition of success.   Read more

Prateek Ahuja

I grew up envying students with a defined dream because the only thing I wanted was getting a job in the Big Four. Finally I got placed in Ernst & Young on 24th of September 2018.With over 700 offices in 150 countries EY is one of the most culturally diverse and the most benevolent organization to work in.… My journey has been really amazing at The NorthCap University it is rather a journey from being a Facebook member to a LinkedIn member with the best faculty members and the most consummate School of Professional Attachment (SPA) staff made it very easy. Giving presentations in class, making project reports and meeting deadlines really helped me.Despite of not having a bright academic record , my communication skills , confidence and the most paramount attitude towards everyone helped me a lot.Securing a job is just not about knowledge, rather it is an intersection of knowledge, skill and the most apt attitude towards work.
I completed two internships at the most prestige organizations during my summer breaks. My internships helped me a lot as they gave me an insight how things are done in the corporate sector.I would like to thanks my parents, all the faculty members at NCU and especially Mr Bk Gupta Sir who supported me throughout my engineering.
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Yash Yadav

I was just a regular college student, attending classes, completing assignments and rushing to meet deadlines,
stuff every college student does. I too belonged to that category of students who studied just a week before the exam.…  I too had my share of playing in the fields and hanging out with my friends but when I too had my share of playing in the fields and hanging out with my friends but when I attended classes my entire focus was on the teacher’s words. This helped me a lot during the exams and this is how I managed to score well despite studying a week before the exams.The reason I stand today where I am is because of my attitude in life as well as the things I did right. My approach to life was to live the moment without worrying too much about the future. The same was the approach I had in my interview in FIL for an intern.
I viewed the interview more as an interactive session rather than a placement session. I concentrated more on giving the interview rather than worrying about being selected. I’d recommend everyone to be bold and optimistic. One should always maintain their aplomb in predicaments and instead of focusing on the problems should always focus on the solution. I feel one should always do what they love and should recognize their strengths and strong subjects. It helped me a lot, I hope it helps others too. Managing time and priorities goes a long way in leading an organized life. One should always share their knowledge with others and help them grow, as knowledge too expands upon sharing. Lastly, I feel a man should always possess humility and respect for peers and their opinions. Be hungry and look for ways to improve yourself and the society.
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Vaibhav Rajput

My journey in NCU is a blissful memory which will always stay with me. These years can be summed into the time from sitting in the middle of strangers having no idea what it means to be in a University on the first day to celebrate the joy of receiving the offer letter from Fidelity with my friends… for life.It goes without stating that this success was a combined effort of a lot of people and a result of a lot of experiences. I was lucky to have a lot of supportive teachers to guide me and mentor me through all the courses and projects. Over the years, as I got to know more and more teachers, I learned that all of them had precious knowledge and experience to offer. Also, I had help and support from a lot of friends who always motivated me to keep pushing hard. These complaisant people have always stayed by my side till date. The variety of courses, projects and activities taught me to become more and more adaptive, creative and inquisitive. Further, the deadlines which came with them trained me to manage time and make decisions.In all these years I’ve realized that NCU is not the place, but the people. The experiences and skills they have given me will help me throughout my corporate life which awaits me.   Read more

Surbhi Chawla

I came to The NorthCap University with the goal of doing something big and different. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience while studying here. The initial hatred I had for programming made me think that I won’t ever be able to do it. But with the right guidance and support from my teache… rs I not only polished my programming skills but also gathered immense knowledge about modern technologies.
I feel proud to be placed in EY Global. I am thankful to SPA for giving me the right training and a great platform to start my career. Getting a job offer was possible only because of the guidance from my teachers and SPA. It has been a beautiful journey so far and an amazing experience to be a part of this prestigious University.
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Paras Juneja

I have been campus placed in Deloitte recently and I now like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of this Incredible Journey! First and foremost, I would like to appreciate all the efforts the University has taken in making my dream come true. I would like to perso… nally thank the School of Professional Attachment (SPA) for providing me an opportunity for the Deloitte placement process. I would also like to express a special token of gratitude to all the faculty and management of the University in helping me acquire the requisite soft skills, which helped me during the crucial Interview. The practical aspect of the curriculum helped me easily clear the case study round!
My whole Interview was associated with Networking and Cyber Security Domain; hence this testimonial would be incomplete without referring to how indebted I am to the elective courses which are being offered by the Computer Science department.
What I believe is the key to success is assimilating knowledge in every situation. Just grasp the opportunities that you are getting and act like a sponge in all situations!
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Shringa A Vatas

Deloitte is a big name in itself and is the dream company of many students of our University. Deloitte was the first company to come for the recruitment process. The aptitude test was taken right after the pre-placement talk and I cleared it. After a few days the campus drive took place. The first r… ound was the group discussion round. We were divided into groups of ten students each and presented with a case study. We were given five minutes to read the case followed by ten minutes for discussion after which we had to present our thoughts to the moderator through a presentation. We were given sheets of chart paper and had to use them as props. After clearing the group discussion we had the interview round. I had two people in my interview panel. They made me comfortable and asked me to walk them through my resume. I started with my achievements at ASQ with which they were very impressed. My interview was more of an interaction about ASQ and my internship project. At the end they asked me if I had any question for them and I enquired about the different aspects of the job profile. After the interview, the result was announced and I had grabbed the opportunity.
It was a wonderful journey to be a part of NCU. I would like to thank SPA for their continuous guidance and support throughout the journey.
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