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Domain Specialization
As Information Technology has changed the way business processes happen, enterprises are facing dearth of professionals in vertical domains of Computer Science. NCU has taken an initiative to roll out specializations to make sure the students gain the best from both the worlds of – Academia and Industry. Any student admitted to B.Tech programme will have an option to opt for a specialization from second year of his degree course. Such flexibility will help the student to study a well-defined set of courses in the specialized domain thereby providing required breadth in the following verticals:

  • Full Stack Development
  • Cybersecurity and Forensics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science
  • Gaming, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain

Curriculum in line with industry
The curriculum at NCU is planned with the right mix of research and industry-relevant subjects taught through project-based learning. It has been designed keeping in mind the industry needs and is thoroughly revised by all industry experts and academicians from IITs and JNU. The Department is working hard in thrust areas of Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity a& Forensics, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Gaming, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. Our curriculum includes a right blend of engineering, basic science & management courses, foreign languages, Colloquium and General Proficiency.

Industry Engagement
The university has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with different industries, organizations like NTRO, Ansyst etc. to strengthen its curriculum, enhance placements, internships and opportunities for engagement of students in live projects. Corporate leaders from leading organizations like Deloitte, TCS, Fidelity etc. regularly come to NCU to share their valuable experience. In addition, the faculty also visits these companies during the internship period of our students so as to strengthen the relationship with firms and get feedback that helps us further to improve our curriculum.

Industry Mentored
As a part of immersive industry practice, students at NCU work on the real-time project of an organization under the direct mentoring by a faculty and an industry professional. Industry mentors get associated with the students from second year of the course and take the guiding journey forward through engagement of students in live projects in third year. They even visit the campus to conduct pre-placement interviews in order to make the student industry ready. This practice makes the transition from a student to an employed professional in industry, seamless and smooth. At NCU, we have achieved a placement record of nearly 100% for past many years. Leading companies like IBM, Deloitte, TCS, Ernst and Young, Nagarro, Orange, British Telecom, HSBC, Hindustan Times etc. visited our campus and gave exciting job offers to our students.

Experienced and Well Qualified Faculty
Majority of the faculty members hold a PhD degree from reputed university like IITs, NITs and JNU. This brings out the best in students, thus making their experience at NCU memorable.

Experiential – Real Time Projects
The programme emphasises on Experiential Learning that allows learners to apply concepts learnt in classroom in simulated and real time situations. NCU provides the necessary ecosystem to encourage students to get engaged in socially relevant real time projects. With cutting-edge labs & start-up incubation center on campus, students apply their knowledge to real life problems and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. Students even get the opportunity to gain financial support through Vice Chancellor’s innovation fund in order to map the concept to prototype. Our projects like SHIKSHAK – A system for blind people, SAHARA- an app for old people and many others have won National and International awards.

Blended Learning- 24 * 7
At NCU, we follow the concept of Blended learning where we combine the classroom teaching with online learning and independent study, allowing the student to have more control over the time, pace and style of their learning. Leaners can access engaging learning material at their own pace through lecture videos, student notes, curated contents etc., through a learning management platform that is engaging and mobile- friendly.

Continuous Assessment
The learner’s performance is assessed continuously throughout the semester using various tools such as quiz, assignments, mid-semester and comprehensive exams. The assessment results are shared with the learners to improve their performance.

Student portfolio
At NCU, students are guided to generate their E-Portfolio right from the moment when they start their journey from first year. Students use e-portfolios to collect their work, reflect upon strengths and weaknesses and strive to improve. E-portfolios provide a rich resource for both students and corporates to learn about achievement of important outcomes over time, gain insights leading to improvement and develop identities as learners.

Research at the Department
Research is the primary activity and focus of the Department. Faculty members are active researchers in their respective domains of expertise and lead various subgroups. Research within the Department is grouped into eight clusters namely: Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Mining, Soft Computing, High Performance Computing, Computational Optimization, Software Engineering, Information Security, Speech and Image Processing and Bioinformatics.

The Department has a hi-tech learning environment with well-equipped research laboratories for Network Programming, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Java Programming, Information Security and Cryptography, Operating System, Object Oriented Programming, Compiler Design, Computer Networks, Internet and Web Programming, Mobile Computing, Software Testing, C/C++ Programming, Modeling & Simulation, Advanced Algorithms, .NET Programming, Object Oriented Software Engineering. The CISCO Network Academy at NCU is a joint venture between The NorthCap University and CISCO. High Performance Computing Lab has also been established with 1 teraflop computing power.

Peer Tutoring
The NCU Peer Tutoring program provides students an opportunity to meet with a fellow student and ask questions related to their course material. Peer Tutors are NCU students only who guide, encourage and support other students in their learning process. All tutors are undergraduates who have excelled in their course and are recommended by NCU faculty.

Holistic development of students
The campus is always abuzz with various student run clubs. From photography, singing, dancing, theatre, trekking to innovation, there are clubs to meet everyone’s interests. When it comes to sports, NCU has indoor sports like chess, carom and outdoor sports like basketball, cricket, football and tennis. Strong emphasis is laid on Context & project based learning through mini projects, tinkering lab, thought lab, industry visits, guest lectures, student activities & leadership events, professional societies like Computer Society of India, Google Developer’s Club, ACM and incubation center.

Seamless community connect
NCU aims to sensitize students through inculcation of moral and ethical values. Frequent visits are made to old age homes, orphanages, govt. schools and students even develop projects for these organizations with a view to make the life of people staying there really easy.

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