Mathematics seeks to uncover universal mathematical structures underlying objects of investigation. The abstraction of concepts often performed in mathematical research attempts to extract the essential structure from individual objects of investigation, and whatever truths that are proven with this framework maintain their validity forever. MSc in Mathematics lies in understanding how different types of maths are categorized. Instead of focusing on a particular type of mathematics such as algebra or calculus, a postgraduate degree MSc in Mathematics allows students to concentrate on number theory and advanced mathematical methods that tie together all the different forms of mathematics they have likely already learned. One can learn abstract concepts used in modern mathematics, and develop the ability to grasp their underlying truths. It provides an opportunity to go beyond theoretical work in math and explore real-world applications, by understanding how math affects our lives. In addition to learning principles like statistical analysis, one can expect to expand their problem-solving and organizational skills that is important for future careers.

Learning outcomes of this track:

  • Student will be able to utilize statistical methods in the data driven decision making process
  • Students will be able to work in different disciplines of science, engineering, or computing a solid core education
  • Students will be able to get a feel to use their new skills in the real world which requires a research component
  • Students will be able to use statistical methods to develop and maintain predictive models
  • Students will be able to design the methodology suitable to the problem encountered
  • Students will be able to give first-hand knowledge in advanced applied mathematics and forefront research experience
  • Students will be able to seek out universal mathematical constructs to scientific discipline

Career Options:

  • Scientific Computing
  • Teaching
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Banking – Retail
  • The Actuarial Profession
  • Game Development
  • Statistical Researcher
  • Higher Research -Phd
  • Professional Service
  • Database Manager
  • External Auditor

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