The Department of Applied Sciences at The NorthCap University, offer undergraduate program in BSc (Hons) Mathematics. The program provides an educational opportunity in diverse fields of Mathematics. It offers is a systematic study of the concepts and theories of mathematics and their application in the real world. The program enhances career prospects in a huge array of fields by fostering a creative spirit to help students fulfill their potential, to become creative mathematician and to become successful in a wide range of professions where logical and analytical thinking is required. The program provides a thorough education in the core subjects of Mathematics, starting from Analysis, Linear Algebra, vector calculus and beyond. The curriculum of the program has been designed in such a way so that holistic development of the students could be carried out. The inclusion of the courses of liberal studies like; introduction to Psychology, Indian History and Constitution, fine arts etc. make the program versatile and unique. Apart from the core Mathematics and liberal study courses, the curriculum includes summer internships, MOOC Courses, effective communication courses, tinkering lab, general proficiency and a variety of program and open elective courses.  The course curriculum is aligned with the syllabus of higher education entrance exams like JAM, GATE, NET etc. so that after graduating students could join the renowned institutions like IIT’s and NIT’s for their master’s study. The curriculum also includes programming-based courses to equip the students with technical skills.

Career Opportunities

Data analyst, Actuarial Sciences, Banks and Investment Firms, Finance, Commerce Industry, Academics, Financial Sector, Research and Development Firms, Indian Civil Services, Insurance Agencies, Inventory Management, Statistics, Technical, Journals, Utility Companies etc.


Program Highlights

  • Highly experienced and Research oriented Faculty, all holding Ph.D. degrees (mostly from IITs, NITs, Central and State Universities).
  • Curriculumdesigned according to UGC norms, syllabus is aligned with that of NET, GATE, JAM and other competitive exams.
  • Application-based curriculumwith the usage of latest software such as MATLAB, SciLab, R- Software, etc.
  • Blending of MOOC Coursesin the curriculum, adopted from national level platforms like NPTEL, SWAYAM etc.
  • Inclusion of liberal study courses in the scheme, empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change.
  • General Proficiency (GP)is an integral part of curriculum which ensures all round development of the students.
  • Internshipis mandatory for all students to provide them exposure of research and corporate world.
  • Each student is assigned a faculty mentor,who guides students on personal and professional decisions and helps them to create a career trajectory.
  • Remedial classes for week students to improve their performance in the examinations.
  • Tinkering Lab in a part of curriculum where students of any discipline with a bend for invention and innovation can come together under one roof to give shape to their new ideas.
  • Placement cellprovides 100% placement assistance to the students after successful completion of second year of the program.


Programs Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

The Programs Educational Objectives (PEO’s) of BSc (Hons) Mathematics Program are

  1. To equip students with knowledge, abilities and insight in mathematics and related fields.
  2. To develop the ability of students to utilize the mathematical problem-solvingmethods such as analysis, modelling, programming and mathematical software applications in addressing the practical and heuristic issues.
  3. To develop the skill of graduates to write entrance exam conducted by IIT’s/Universities to pursue PG and Integrated PhD and to gleam as great Mathematicians.
  4. To develop the confidence of graduates to appear for SSC, IBPS, RRB and Civil services exam and to occupy higher posts at administrative level.
  5. To equip the students with latest technology and techniques in Data Science like Python, Machine learning, Big Data Technology etc.
  6. To enable graduates to choose their course as a training ground to develop their positive attitude and skills which will enable them to become a multi facet personality shining in any chosen field


Learning outcomes of BSc (Hons) Mathematics track: 

After graduating, the students will be able to;

  1. Acquire the ability to understand and analyze the mathematical problems.
  2. Develop the skill to think critically on abstract concepts of Mathematics.
  3. Analyse the situation, make a mathematical problem and find its solution.
  4. Enhance logical reasoning skills, arithmetic skills, aptitude skills, communication skills, for better employability.
  5. Develop proficiency in the analysis of complex physical problems and the use of mathematical or other appropriate techniques to solve them.
  6. Demonstrate skills in the use of computers for control, data acquisition, and data analysis in experimental investigations

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