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Vibhu Mehta
Class of 2020
B.Tech ECE

The NorthCap University which has made engineering the best four years of my life, from beginning of the first year to the end of the final year, the university has always provided me all the facilities which has enriched my experience here. From the beginning of the placement sessions SPA has guided me through it all, I was able to clear all the round in and reach the final interview in many renowned companies such as Fidelity, Exicom Tele-Systems Limited etc.

As the School of Professional Attachment has always been very particular in bringing more and more companies at the university, being final year student, I had always looked upon them. With the support of The NorthCap University Authorities, Faculty members of EECE Department and School of Professional attachment, I was able to get into not only one but two organizations: Capgemini & Hero Motor Corp (HMC-MM).I thank all the members of NCU who have made this journey easy for me and inculcating skills in me required for placing myself in the outer world forever.

Ritika Sharma
Class of 2020
B.Tech ECE

The NorthCap University is an institution that not only teaches skills, but it also imparts sense and givesunderstanding about balancing oneself in real life. From the beginning of my first year, the university provided many platforms and professional societies like IEEE, ASQwhereinI could learn many things. The university has always focused on shaping a concrete thought process and provided with technical guidance that ultimately helped me in the long run. My special thanks go to the School of Professional Attachment (SPA) that has been my support throughout the placement procedure.

SPA has been the bridge between me and my career, with ample of placement drives taking place in the university, the door of opportunities is always open.Being an ECE student it has been my priority to get placed at a core organisation.Due to sheer determination and support from SPA and faculties, my this dream has come true when after several rejections, I was at last placed in the embedded system domain at HMC-MM. It gives me immense happiness to be a part of NCU and I thank all the faculties and all the members of SPA who has helped me jump start my career.

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