A Ph.D. degree is the top most degree which a University can award to a research scholar in diverse areas of research wherein they have to produce an original research while maintaining research ethics, in various thrust areas and have to expand the existing research to earn a degree. Each scholar is hence required to present their research work in the form of written document called Ph.D. thesis or Dissertation and must defend their work in front of Experts in that field. There is a minimum eligibility condition for a candidate to apply for Ph.D. programme in any university and there are minimum conditions to earn this degree, based on the University Ph.D. Programme rules and regulations. The research areas which a scholar choose to work on are not limited to any one area or department but can be interdisciplinary and can be application-based, hardware/software based or their combination. The University where the research is carried out supports the scholars in providing research environment in terms of research Supervisors, labs, research study materials like Journals, books, related software and tools to carry the research etc. Below are the research areas of Ph.D. Programme in EECE dept

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