Research areas in CSE

The research area which a scholar chooses to work on is not limited to any one specific area but can be interdisciplinary and can be application-based and combination of hardware and software.


A Ph.D. degree candidate is expected to have the motivation and rigour to produce an original research in the chosen thrust area of research. He is expected to publish at least two research papers in peer-reviewed non-paid scopus or web of science-indexed journals. The progress is evaluated every 6 months. At the end of the research work carried out, the scholar is required to present their research work in the form of written document called Ph.D. thesis and has to successfully defend their work in front of Experts in that field.


  • 18 scholars have been awarded PhD degree, 02 have submitted their Thesis and 28 are currently pursuing their PhD in CSE deptt.
  • Compliance to UGC requirements including coursework.
  • Highly qualified faculty having Ph.D degrees and good research experience.
  • Well equipped research and high-end computing laboratories and free digital access to many research journals.
  • Research Fellowship of Rs. 25,000 p.m. for bright full-time Ph.D scholars and contingency grant of Rs 25,000 p.a. for all full-time PhD scholars.

Admission July 2020

Last date for submission of fully filled application form: 26th June 2020

Entrance Test (NPET) and Interview: 4th July 2020

University Admission Policy and Selection Procedure: click here

Rules and Regulations governing PhD programme: click here


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