School of Management organized a guest lecture by Dr Diwakar Sukul, Chartered Psychologist, Founder and Director, KAMKUS Clinic, London on ‘Mind-Body Harmonics’ for faculty and staff of the University on 7 July 2018. He is also the developer of the concept of multi-dimensional healthcare, Mind-Body Energy assessment, Eastern Psychotherapy and Mind-Body Connective Therapy. Dr Diwakar is an acknowledged expert on stress, anxiety, emotional health, personal development, and spiritual well- being by integrating Eastern/Vedic approaches.

In his lecture, Dr Sukul discussed about the four components of the mind according to Vedanta i.e. Manas, Budhi, Ahankar and Chitta. He also spoke about the inner soul and that happiness is our ultimate goal. He enlightened the audience about the unconscious mind with real life examples and demonstrated various acupressure techniques and healing therapies for stress management and multi- dimensional healthcare. The event was organized by Dr AP Dash, Dean, SOM.