School of Law, The NorthCap University Organized international Women’s Day celebration on 6th March, 2020 on the theme ‘Victimization of Women in Cyber Space’.

The event started with Welcome address given by Prof. H.B Raghavendra, Vice chancellor of the NorthCap University where he highlighted that NorthCap University believed on gender equality and 70% staff comprises of females only. The Guest of Honor on this occasion was Dr. Manasi Mishra, Head of Research Division, Centre for Social Research and the Chief Guest was Dr. RanjanaKumari, Director, Centre for Social Research. Dr. RanjanaKumari emphasized that the cyberspace has been a blessing to human civilization, on the one side, the internet is serving as boon, but on the other side, it has made the life of women insecure due to rising cyber-crime in the virtual world. The celebration witnessed participation of more than 400 students across the University. On this occasionPoster Making and Debate Competition was organized, where more than 40 teams participated across the University.Further, Abhimanchtheatre society of The NorthCap University also performed aNukadNatak on empowerment of women.