Webinar Series: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where everyone is restricted at their homes, the IEEE student branch of the NorthCap University started a webinar series on “Technologies that make a Difference” to ensure uninterrupted learning. In this series, the first webinar was held on Saturday, 28th March 2020 on the topic Natural Language Processing (NLP). MsSrishti, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, was the speaker of the webinar. The webinar started with the basic introduction of NLP, stranding to the five steps namely Lexical analysis, Syntactic analysis, Semantic analysis, Discourse integration and Pragmatic analysis. MsSrishti mentioned examples keeping the audience engaged. Her ability to explain obscure concepts simply and pragmatically is commendable. She led an erudite discussion on the areas of research and development. She listed all the domains and topics of NLP, at the same time addressing the doubts of the participants. The session also had a thorough discussion of various NLP libraries, for instance, NLTK, Mallet, etc., along with their effectiveness. It was a very interactive and successful session for imparting the basics of NLP. This webinar saw the participation of people from USA, UAE, Spain, Pakistan along with audience from 40 colleges in India. The event was coordinated by CSE faculty members MsSrishti and Ms Poonam Chaudhary along with Student Coordinators: Virendra (17CSU207), Akshay (18CSU013), Yatharth (17CSU212), Shreyansh (17CSU184) and Deepanshu (18CSU096).