Mathemactive Society of NCU organized a multi round aptitude as well as math quiz named “VARSITY MATH” competition for all the students of all schools and branches on 27th January, 2020 in the Seminar Hall. The first round “MAJESTY NUMBER” was based on basic 30 aptitude and reasoning questions with a limited time of 15 minutes . Around 120 students participated in the event. The second round “ALWAYS RIGHT” in which 40 qualified students had to fill blanks with numbers to get a desired number within the fundamental operators. Only 9 students qualified the second round. The third round named “BINARY MATHS” was based on binary numbers. The winners of the competition were given trophies by Col. Bikram Mohanty (Retd.), Registrar. Naveen – Winner(1st) (19CSU186), Piyush(2nd)(18CSU156) and Raman (3rd)(19CSU240). Participation certificates were given to all. The event was coordinated under supervision of faculty coordinator Dr. Anshu and Prof. Kalika Srivastava.