There is a growing consensus about the importance of sex education in educational institutions and among the youth. Talking about it is considered no more a taboo, especially in urban India. Taking this objective to the next level, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), supported by Rotaract Club of the NorthCap University, celebrated the International Condom Day at Connaught Place in New Delhi on 14 Feb 2018. Condoms in all their versatile forms, colours, and dimensions were seen. Mannequins, imaginatively condom-clad, were lined up, manifesting AHF’s motto, ‘Condoms are always in fashion’. A 40-foot inflatable condom was placed by the organisers and condoms were also distributed free of cost. HIV testing booths were set up which attracted the people who were seen eagerly awaiting their results. A series of flash mobs and rock band performances were organized and about 50 student volunteers of Rotaract NCU Club participated in the event.