In India, about 1.47 lakh people were killed in road accidents in 2017, while many more get injured and disabled for life. Every one minute four deaths happen due to a road accident. To spread awareness about road safety, NCU organized a Road Safety Week from 4-10 Feb 2019. Awareness about various causes for road accidents and measures to prevent them were highlighted by screening a movie, posters on E-notice boards, street play, quiz competition and a lecture on Road Safety by Dr Rohit Singh Lather, at the campus. To promote road safety habits among the community, encourage all travellers to follow traffic rules, wear helmets, seat belts, follow speed limits for vehicles, flex boards were displayed throughout Gurugram and students, faculty and staff participated in a Road Safety Walk in the neighbourhood. Dr Rohit Singh Lather and Mr Ravinder Kumar coordinated the events during the Road Safety Week.