Enthusiasm and festivity marked the Teacher’s Day celebrations in the University on 5 September 2018. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. HB Raghavendra, lauding the teaching fraternity for having chosen this noble profession welcomed them to the celebrations. He shared his experiences of his college days and how his teachers influenced him.

On the occasion, the Guest of Honour, Dr C V Baxi, Former Director, MDI, Gurugram, was welcomed and honoured with a shawl. Dr Baxi is symbolic of a good teacher who has spent his entire life in academics and dedicated it to the cause of students. Prof. CV Baxi, in his address mentioned that he was overwhelmed by the Teacher’s Day celebrations at NCU. He encouraged students and faculty to use books and libraries and not just rely on laptops, mobiles and the internet to gain knowledge. He spoke about the importance of lifelong learning and said that he is still learning.

The University paid homage to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and remembered his contributions to the society. A special tribute was given by the students to the NCU faculty through a cultural programme comprising of classical and contemporary dances, songs and skits.

Faculty members also gave an amazing dance performance which was highly appreciated. To commemorate Teacher’s Day, two special ‘Wall of Fame’ were put up with messages from students to capture their feelings for their teachers – ‘Straight from the Heart!’ The programme concluded with refreshments and gifting of saplings to all.