International Conference on Management, a fruitful amalgamation of empirical and conceptual research papers from academicians, professionals, consultants, practitioners, scholars and students. The School of Management organized the conference with the theme ‘Winning in a VUCA World’ on 4 October 2019. The conference witnessed 500 faculty delegates, exerts, practitioners and students with Dr Swaranjeet Arora and Dr Poonam Arora as the conveners. Hon’ble Prof. Prem Vrat, Pro-Chancellor, Professor of Eminence and Chief Mentor and Prof (Dr) Hemant Trivedi were the keynote speakers.

Throwing some light over the generations of knowledge, “Change is the only constant, but now-a-days change is so rapid that it cannot be called constant” says Prof. (Dr) Hemant Trivedi.

In the changing world VUCA can be a challenge and an opportunity for all Indians, “Due to changing environment, it is very difficult to predict and control the changes” says Prof. Prem Vrat.