Tinkering Lab is an area where innovative minds can play with technology. It is based on the values of creativity, critical thinking, innovation and hands-on experience. It is a collaborative work area packed with components, equipment, tools and software. Students of any discipline can together give shape to their new ideas. They can design, create and engineer prototypes, new products etc.

The Tinkering Lab was inaugurated by Prof. BK Kuthiala, Chairperson Haryana Higher Education Council, Govt of Haryana, during the Orientation Programme on 21 July 2018. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Prem Vrat; Vice-Chancellor, Prof. HB Raghavendra; Registrar, Col Bikram Mohanty (Retd); Deans and HoDs of all Schools/departments and faculty members. A brief presentation about the Tinkering Lab was made by Dr Vandana Khanna, Dr Yogita and Ms Anuradha accompanied the guests around the lab and student volunteers explained the working of the projects in the lab. Some of the award-winning projects were on display to motivate students to work beyond the boundaries of the curriculum. Prof. Kuthiala was impressed by the type of work done by students of the university.