IEEE-NCU Society organised a workshop on ‘C WITH LINUX’ which was conducted by Webodeci Technologies, New Delhi, and attended by 80 students of the Depts of CSE & ECE on 4 Oct 2018. The workshop was primarily for beginners who have a hard time understanding how and where they will be using C or C++ in their career as a software engineer. C and C++ programmers are getting paid a high salary as these languages are one of the most powerful programming languages in computer science. We can build different applications which are not possible even with other high level languages. Students learnt some of the modern ways of doing computer programming as per industry requirements and Linux with Virtualization along with intricate concepts such as concept of header files. A study about libraries and how to include one in your programme was also discussed. Computer Vision with MySQL with C programming were briefly introduced and a free demo with computer vision was demonstrated. The workshop focused on real life application. The workshop was conducted by Mr Anuj,  M.Sc in Artifcial Intelligence & Robotics (2015) from University of Hertfordshire, UK. The event was coordinated by students Virendra Pratap Singh, Ritika Sharma, Yashdeep and  faculty members Ms Naresh Kumari, IEEE-NCU Branch Counsellor under the guidance of Dr Sharda Vashisth, Head, Dept of EECE.