Aim of the event:

The Primary objective of the event was to cognize everyone about cleanliness, hygiene as well as to conduct a cleanliness campaign in and around the college campus.

About the event:

The drive started with around 50 students, faculty and non-faculty members gathering for a rally. The volunteers spread the message of “Hum sab ka ho ek hi naara, saaf suthra ho desh humara” and “Ab sabko jagaana hai,gandagi ko door bhagaana hai”. The main motive of the rally was to sensitize the students about the vitality of clean environment. To start with, the volunteers proceeded towards the University ground and other areas within the campus along with banners on cleanliness. This was followed by a cleaning drive which included the collection of litter. The cleanliness drive was a huge success and an enlightening experience for all the volunteers and crowd. The drive was co-ordinated by Dr. Jahanvi Bansal (SAL sub-committee Member) and Dr. Shilpa Sindhu (NSS Co-ordinator).