PhD scholar Ms Niragi Kalpesh Dave, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering defended her thesis titled ‘Physical, mechanical and micro-structural behaviour of quaternary binders, motors and concrete mixes’ under the guidance of Dr Anil Kumar Misra and Dr Amit Srivastava was held on 15 Sept 2018. The research work is very relevant in the present scenario as it solves the scarcity of good construction material by using industrial by-products like fly ash, granulated blast furnace slag, silica fume, metakaolin and lime powder. The suggested quaternary binder and concrete will not only meet the huge demand for construction work but will also reduce the environmental pollution due to manufacturing of cement. This is certainly a way forward for the sustainable development of the society. Four publications have been derived from her research work in Web of Science/Scopus indexed journals.

Ms Niragi Kalpesh Dave is the fourth doctoral student of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, NCU, to defend her research work.