Bootcamp for B.Tech ECE second semester students was organized through webinars on 23rd April for the selection of specialization. EECE department offers two specializations – (i) Internet of Things (ii) Embedded System and VLSI Design to students from third semester. For second semester students to choose wisely, bootcamps for both the specializations was offered through industry specialists. Mr. Shivappa K Madegowda (Co-Founder and Director at Excel VLSI Technologies Pvt. Ltd) was invited to give an overview of Embedded System and VLSI Design domain and its trends to students. Similarly, for overview of Internet of Things domain and its trends, Mr. Sidharth Bhatia (Freelance Consultant and Former Chief Innovation Officer – Wearit Global Limited) was invited. After the experts’ webinars, the B.Tech scheme was explained to students thoroughly. The sessions were interactive, and students got a good overview of both specializations.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Vandana Khanna