The development of any nation is directly linked to its energy self sufficiency which is not possible without efficient utilization of the available resources. Specialization in Thermal Engineering provides an edge to the students who want to pursue career in the energy linked industries viz. power, refrigeration and air conditioning, renewable energy, design of internal engines, Energy storage, Combustion,  Research and Development.

Learning Outcomes of this Track:

  • Analytical solution of conduction heat transfer problems
  • Design and develop of thermal management systems viz. extended surfaces
  • Computational analysis of thermal systems
  • Optimization of thermal management systems
  • Preparation of research articles
  • Awareness about current state-of-the-art
  • Eye for detail and a methodical work process
  • Creative problem solving ability

Career Opportunities:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Defense industry
  • HVAC industry
  • Power industry
  • Engineering education
  • Thermal design and engineering consultancy
  • Public sector government undertakings
  • Process industry
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industry

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