MTech in Design Engineers are required in almost every Research and Development sector be it automobile, aerospace, shipping, construction, ICE design, medical equipment’s, sports gears and office accessories etc. Persons with P.G. Degree in Design Engineering carry out extensive research on latest design trends, market values, safety, texture, shape, safety weight and materials to be used before designing a product.

Market Trends of Mechanical Engineering Design

  • Mechanical design engineering is now becoming a major hub in manufacturing and production industry and provides many career options.
  • Product design and agile design is the most upcoming area in design engineering
  • Design engineers are needed for Industry 4.0, automation and smart machines

Unique Selling Points of the Specialization

  • Aerospace and automotive industries
  • computing and software development
  • Engineering services and consultancies
  • Opportunities in industrial and domestic product manufacturers, process industries, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, oil and gas industries, including petrochemical industries, transport and highways industries.
  • Research oriented curriculum with focus on publication of research articles
  • Market driven curriculum, updated periodically in consultation with experts from industry and academia.
  • State-of-the-art laboratory facility (CAD Lab, IC Engine, Vibration labs, CoE and others) for understanding and undertaking quality research work.
  • Efficient and highly qualified faculty members nurturing students for their future endeavours.
  • Flexibility in choosing courses to facilitate industry placement and admission in Universities abroad.
  • Outstanding industry-academia interaction through expert sessions, industrial visits, internships, professional societies and workshops.
  • Emphasis on holistic development of students through promotion of co-curricular activities and professional societies in the department.


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