M.Tech in Environmental Engineering (2 years Full-Time / 3 years Part-Time) programme is need of the hour program that focuses on efforts to contain this menace and is a relatively new discipline emerged which provides excellent career opportunities. Environmental engineering is a multidisciplinary subject that borrows ideas from a number of different sciences as well as fields of engineering to understand environmental issues and designing engineered solutions for these issues. Typically, a program in this discipline includes concepts from physics, chemistry, and biology as well as civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. Apart from this, students will also learn about impact assessment, environmental management and audit. However, most modules will be geared towards developing a comprehensive understanding of different forms of pollution, managing environmental resources and controlling waste.


Learning Outcomes of this Track:

  • Students will be able to apply the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools in the field of Energy and Environmental Engineering.
  • Able to distinguish the different energy generation systems and learn about environmental impact assessment and mitigation methods.
  • Will understand the emerging challenges with sustainable technological solutions in the field of energy and environment.
  • Will understand the importance of energy efficiency and formulate energy conservation strategy for sustainable environment.
  • Will identify major factors that affect the atmosphere and the climate change, recognize the need to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education and research.


Career Options:

  • Research & PhD
  • Energy Managers/ Auditors
  • Prospects in private & public sectors
  • Project Manager


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