The NorthCap University Incubation Centre was established on 26 April 2017. The purpose of establishing Incubation Centre is to help students incubate new innovative ideas through facilitating skills like Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Data Generation. The objective is to help students to float project and incubating ideas through industry participation and University augmentation. Currently, projects and industry problems related to a start-up company, City Innovates Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram has been taken up and the company is our main funding partner. University has also identified several student projects to incubate further through a University internal Technovation.

Several projects are in the pipeline and are in different phases of development. We are actively looking for industries to collaborate and to nurture the ideas of our students and incubate them through our centre.

The vision and mission of the Incubation Centre are given below:

Vision: To provide a research based platform for incubation across disciplines so that NCU students are able to innovate and invent software solutions and apps and use their full potential to meet their entrepreneurial dreams, thus ultimately serving the industry and the society.


  • To usher in emerging and disruptive software and app technology and provide an enabling eco-system so that students are able to innovate and invent software and app solutions using advance technology tools.
  • To mentor selected students on their unique projects by deploying industry experts and faculty members passionate in research from the NorthCap University.
  • To undertake the seed funded projects to a level of scalability and adoption by the industry/society.
  • To secure further funding by the Angel Investors and venture capitalists and the other investment sources for the scaled up operational growth if needed.
  • To imbibe confidence in students to be your entrepreneur partners with leading IT companies.

Thrust areas of the Incubation Centre:

  • E-Commerce website
  • Online marketing
  • Internet of Things
  • Embedded system
  • Software based societal benefit products
  • Sustainable Industrialization
  • Mechanical Design & Innovation

Details of Active Projects

S. No. Project title Department Name of Participants
1 Online Gifting Solutions CSE Ms. Tanvi Kohli, Mr. Gaurav Pandey & Mr.  Jayant Yadav

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