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It is a pleasure to welcome you to The NorthCap University, a progressive thinking institution of higher learning that meets your aspirations and prepares you for the future workplace. The learning methodology integrates multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary global pedagogy across Law, Management, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology. The University promotes creativity, innovation, provides opportunities for experimentation, critical analysis, rational thinking and learning by doing real work.

The NorthCap University will prepare you for a sound professional career, ready to seize opportunities, accept challenges and be a leader who can innovate and inspire, find creative solutions to problems facing the country and the world at large. I believe in the great pool of talent that our youth have and we strive to empower you with knowledge, skills, abilities and the attitude that will enable you to win deals, drive decisions and determine the future.

In a nurturing environment we inspire innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and create a youth capital capable of transforming society. The University has global alliances with highly reputed academic institutions and industrial organizations for collaborative academic and research work as we believe in preparing leaders who can contribute to national and global economies.

Besides academics the University provides excellent physical infrastructure and support to pursue sports, hobbies and cocurricular activities for your holistic growth and development. The University will groom you with skills for lifelong learning and continuous development, inculcate values in you to be a good human being, a responsible citizen who, through your impactful work, will leave ‘footprints on the sands of time’.

As a prospective student, parent or guardian I wish to assure you that if you have the will, our team of distinguished and dedicated faculty will help you take the giant leap from the classroom to the real world and help you realize your dreams.

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