The BA Hons. Psychology program facilitates students in transferring knowledge of psychology theory to innovative contexts and develops an operational understanding of psychology’s content domains.  BA Hons Psychology program offers students a unique liberal arts education that helps them in exploring different philosophies, cultures, and human experiences which will broaden their view and provide them with a valued perspective sought by today’s global companies. The broad nature of elective courses in the program offer plenty of career options and confirms the applicability of psychological understanding in the areas of counseling, clinical research, organizational behavior, and applied psychology experiments.


  • To communicate the knowledge of psychology to undergraduate students in a manner
    that will familiarise them robustly and dynamically to its broad scope.
  • To advance new insights in the domain of psychology through research and scholastic
  • To facilitate the application of core areas and principles of psychology in serving the
    needs of society and nation.
  • To provide consulting support and services to the science and profession of


  • Industry driven value-added courses with psychological testing
  • Curriculum embedded with Liberal education
  • Choice based foreign language courses
  • Wide range of psychology elective courses
  • Modest class size and well-qualified faculty
  • Live projects, internship opportunities, and hands-on experience through
    psychological practical
  • Equipping students with pre-placement talks
  • Mentoring scheme that endorses personal and professional growth

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